2016 Lineup & Schedule

Shadow Woods Metal Fest 2016 Set Times
(subject to change)
Thursday, Sept. 15, 2016
Number in (parens) is estimated length of set time
6:00pm Heron (30)
6:30pm Xeukatre (30)
7:00pm Mantar (55)
8:00pm Darsombra (55)
9:00pm Ghost Bath (55)
10:10pm Frosthelm (50)
11:20pm Haxen (40)

Friday, Sept. 16 2016
Number in (parens) is estimated length of set time.
12:00pm A Sound of Thunder (30)
12:30pm Genevieve (30)
1:00pm At the Graves (30)
1:30pm Destroyer of Light (30)
2:00pm Surgeon (30)
2:30pm Myopic (30)
3:00pm Sapremia (40)
3:40pm Lotus Thief (40)
4:20pm Wizard Eye (40)
5:00pm Temple of Void (40)
5:40pm Sadgiqacea (40)
6:20pm Helgamite (40)
7:00pm Acid Witch (55)
8:00pm Tengger Cavalry (55)
9:00pm Tombs (55)
10:10pm Athame (40)
11:10pm Helleborus (50)
12:10am T.O.M.B. (40)

Saturday, Sept. 17, 2016
Number in (parens) is estimated length of set time.
12:00pm Bound By The Grave (30)
12:30pm Corpse Light (30)
1:00pm Vorator (30)
1:30pm Windfaerer (30)
2:00pm Torrid Husk (30)
2:30pm Cemetery Piss (30)
3:00pm Cemetery Filth (40)
3:40pm Grave Gnosis (40)
4:20pm Horseskull (40)
5:00pm Coffin Dust (40)
5:40pm Wino w/Faith in Jane (40)
6:20pm Lord Almighty (40)
7:00pm Sadistic Vision (55)
8:00pm Teloch Vovin (55)
9:00pm Blood Storm (55)
10:10pm ZUD (40)

A SOUND OF THUNDER (DC) **traditional old-school heavy metal
ATHAME (MD/WV) **black
AT THE GRAVES (MD) **solo doom-sludge
ACID WITCH (Detroit) **horror death
BLOOD STORM (PA/TX) **black thrash
BOUND BY THE GRAVE (Baltimore) *death
CEMETERY PISS (Baltimore) **black
COFFIN DUST (Philadelphia) **death
CORPSE LIGHT (Baltimore) *doom
DARSOMBRA (MD) **psychedelic drone
DESTROYER OF LIGHT (Austin, TX) **sludge
FAITH IN JANE FEATURING WINO (MD) ** doom trio joined by the godfather of the sound
GENEVIEVE (MD) **experimental black
GHOST BATH (ND) **suicidal depressive black
GRAVE GNOSIS (St. Petersburg, FL) **black
HAXEN (Rhode Island) **black
HELGAMITE (VA) **doom/stoner/sludge
HELLEBORUS (Manitou Springs, CO) **black
HERON (NC) **black
HORSESKULL (NC) **sludge/doom
LORD ALMIGHT (MA) ** black metal
LOTUS THIEF (CA) **blackened space rock
MANTAR (Germany) ** sludge
MYOPIC (DC) **death/doom
NUMENOREAN (Calgary, AB) **post-black
SADGIQACEA (Philadelphia) **doom/sludge/black
SAPREMIA (New Jersey) **death
SURGEON (Philadelphia) **progressive
TEMPLE OF VOID (Detroit) **doom
TENGGER CAVALRY (NY/CHINA) ** Mongolian folk
T.O.M.B. (Philadelphia) **ritual noise
TOMBS (Brooklyn) ** black/post-metal
TORRID HUSK (WV) **depressive/melodic black
VORATOR (VA) ** death thrash
WINDFAERER (NJ) **black/folk metal
WIZARD EYE (PA) **doom
XEUKATRE (Baltimore) **black
ZUD (Maine) ** black